Lancaster Square Routes aims to rejuvenate the important historical city centre of Lancaster, strengthening its position as a quality destination both for visitors and residents of the district.

External design consultants, Gillespies have been appointed and are leading on preparing exciting and innovative design options for some of Lancaster’s key spaces. Artists and architects Amenity Space are working alongside Gillespies to enhance these proposals.

This podwalk will take you on a journey around Lancaster visiting all the spaces we are aiming to improve.


  • Euan

    Great podcast,

    It is vital that a broad range of people put forward their views of the spaces covered in this project. I have to say that since the closure of Wooles, Market Sq has become very ‘tired’. The old Regal Cinema and the growing congestion along King Street really do give an ugly impression. The heart-shaped city centre does need to be vibrant.

    IN response to Sun Street Square and Market Square, these spaces deserve a map of cultural activities - managed responsibly. Sun Sq is a great space, though I can tell you that as advised by police and licensing the space is ‘difficult’ to facilitate events as it stands currently but don’t let this put you off!!

    Well done on all involved. I am pleased that culture is central to this initiative and I hope that the broad need of residents are met; students, elderly, commerce, cultural leaders (I mean those who ‘do the arts and cultural activity’ - are the true characters of the city of Lancaster.

    Best of luck, Euan

    Jun 1, 2009 at 7:26 am
  • Malcolm

    It is great to see some enthusiasm about Lancaster City Centre. The plans and podcast represent a lot of planning and comment but it seems to have been done by people from outside of Lancaster. Even though the presenters of the podcast think that community involvement and ownership is crucial there does not seem to have been any local involvement. Quite how these outside planners intend to get buy-in from locals is unclear.

    It is all very well that these money-pots create new ideas but without maintenance they soon look cheap and tacky. Just have a look at the Slave Trade Memorial as an example, or the various attempts over the years to make a vandal-proof / mischief-proof fountain in Market Square.

    Sun Square doesn’t need a garden, what it needs is a clean up of the rendering, and removal of shop clutter and waste-skips, and a commercially viable occupant at the Music Room. Indeed every idea needs to make some commercial sense or it will be a waste of investment.

    It would be better if this money were channelled into practical, commercially sustainable, improvement. A good clean up of these areas, restoration of tired frontages and vandal proof street furniture is what is needed. If we really make the most of what we have then we may find, surprise, surprise, that we have in fact already got quite a lot.

    Jun 4, 2009 at 2:40 pm

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